Brandon Reese

CD Release Party part 2

NOVEMBER 21, 2010

I drove down to Columbia, SC for the Original Friend release party this weekend. It was a great turn out and loads of fun. Lunch Money played the CD from start to finish and the kids (and adults) loved it! Afterward, the band and I signed CDs and posters.

The CD will be available for purchase on Lunch Money’s website this Tuesday. iTunes downloads will also be available… but you don’t get the fancy-schmancy packaging.

Here are the remaining CD panels and some of my favorite illustrations from the booklet. Also, a video tour of the CD!

this is the section behind the CD

extra panel, 1

extra panel, 2

CD back

booklet illustration for "My Bed"

Booklet illustration for "Getaway Car"

Booklet illustration for "I want to push buttons"

Booklet illustration for "Picking Teams"