Brandon Reese


I've written a book for kids. Will you illustrate it for me? 
Great job finishing your manuscript! You are serious about your craft and that is AWESOME! Unfortunately, I only work on manuscripts sent to me by my agent.
How do I get published? How do I find an agent? What organization could possibly have all the answers?!
Are you frustrated that your career as a picture book author or illustrator isn’t happening? I don’t want to discourage you but you might want to buckle up. It could take a while. Get used to rejection. Embrace the suck. Dig in and do the work. This business blesses the tenacious. 
Two things I wish someone told me when I started out:
1. Join a critique group. You’ll need a group of other trusted artists or writers (preferably better than you) that will give you constructive feedback. Of course friends and family LOVE your work, but you need honest criticism so you can grow.
 2. Join SCBWI. Joining the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators is the best gift you can give yourself! When you join they will send you all sorts of useful information. SCBWI has conferences all over the world. Attend one if you can! You can sit in on workshops and lectures from all the top writers, illustrators, editors, art directors, and agents in the industry. Go to to check it out.
Do you do school visits?
Absolutely! You can email me for more information.
Do you have templates I could use for making picture books and graphic novels?
You bet! I have links to several PDF templates you can download below. They can be printed on 8.5 x 11 paper or enlarged to suit your needs.