Brandon Reese


DECEMBER 13, 2006
Just wanted to share this image I completed a few moments ago. I actually assigned this to myself from the kid's magazine I design. I figured if no one wants to hire me, then I'll hire myself.

I know many of you here are established illustrators that get work. I, however don't. I've taken great efforts to get work... but nothing is happening. I bought an expensive page in Directory of Illustration and got zip. I sent out hundreds of postcards, nothing. I've got a rep and the last thing she sent me was back in August and after she takes her cut, it's almost not worth it.

Once in a while I get an email from an AD that says they really like my work and want to use me, but they never send anything. I'm curious. When did most of you consistently have jobs coming in and building up your client base? I started really focusing on my illustration career almost 3 years ago. Granted, my style has evolved quite a bit since then, but shouldn't I start getting work after 3 years?
Topical: illustration