Brandon Reese


MARCH 19, 2008
the banner behind the stage...
Barack Obama paid a visit to Charlotte today. My wife and I were fortunate enough to get tickets before they were quickly snapped up.

It was amazing, to say the least. Everyone was fired up... women were screaming 'I love you Obama!', people were stomping and clapping.... there was even a 'crowd wave' . It really felt like I was a part of something powerful. Barack is such a dynamic speaker. 8 years with the 'decider' at the helm, it's refreshing to have a viable candidate with such fervor and intelligence.
it's hard to make out... but that's CNN's Anderson Cooper. The wife was all a twitter.
me and the wife at THE event!
pretty funny shirt
THE MAN! I was very close to him. I almost got to shake his hand... So many people rushed the area, I couldn't quite get there.
my camera is rubbish. Digital zoom is a joke.