Brandon Reese

New Brush

JULY 16, 2009
the birthday brush

I typically don't like to use my blog to talk about family stuff, but I was so moved by my 5-year-old yesterday, I thought I would share. Yesterday I turned 36-years-old. We had a nice, low-key celebration with just my wife, son, and me.

My wife told me that Noah had been talking about getting a brush for my birthday for a week or more. She thought he was talking about a hair brush until he said he wanted to go to the art store. She took him and he picked one out and paid with his own money.

I'm proud of my thoughtful, sweet boy.

Birthday card cover, illustrated by Noah. Maybe he'll follow in his old man's footsteps? ...Although, he's been telling me lately that he wants to be a taxi cab driver in NYC.
interior of card. Notice the strong typography skills.